Find and remove duplicate videos with DuplicateFinder!

In recent years the Internet has become an enormous video library, thanks to websites like YouTube. These sites are great, because you can find and watch all sorts of stuff – from news to comedy, and from rap to classical music.

But some people feel that they want more than just watching videos online – they want to download them and create their personal video library. Libraries like that are especially handy if you travel a lot and don’t always have an Internet connection to watch your favorite videos online. That’s why there are so many tools that help you to download, save, and convert YouTube videos.

If you have your own video library, then you know how much space video files take up. Just think of it – a 5-minute video in .flv format takes up about 12MB! So if you want to have enough hard drive space for other things, you either need to have a very large hard disk or move your videos to an external drive. But even then your hard drive space will keep decreasing.

There is a way to increase the free space on your disk without having to delete or move anything important. All you need to do is find and remove junk files. These files can be temporary Internet and system files, as well as duplicate files.

When compiling your video library, you inevitably end up downloading some videos twice. And it doesn’t help that sometimes you download two videos only to discover that they are absolutely identical. So you delete one of them. But think how many duplicates you might have missed! They are there, eating up your disk space.

Windows has a built-in tool that will delete temporary files for you, but it doesn’t have a utility to find and remove duplicate files. So what to do?

There are two ways to deal with the duplicate file problem – you can either find all the copies manually or you can use duplicate file finding software. Finding duplicate videos manually can require quite a bit of time, because you will need to use Windows search and check every video. Besides, this method is not very reliable, as you can easily miss some files. Not to mention duplicate videos that have slightly different names – you will never find them if you have a large library. That’s why it’s always better to use software that is specifically designed to find and delete duplicate files. Duplicate file finders have a lot going for them – they only take a couple of minutes to find all the duplicates on your hard drive, they can match files by name, modification date, size, and even content. Plus they are really easy to use.

Don’t wait until your hard drive becomes full – use DuplicateFinder today to delete unnecessary videos and free up valuable disk space.